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In the UK there are over 8 million mattresses disposed of every year. Most of these mattresses are taken to landfill which has a huge impact on our environment. However when you choose to dispose of your existing bed or mattress with The Sleep Shop the goods are broken up into individual parts and recycled prior to being given to industries that can take advantage from the specific components.

Whether it is the steel from the spring units, or the additional layers such as cotton, wool, foam or fibre these materials are then used in a number of ways such as flooring, home improvements or parts for vehicles. A recycled mattress can be used in so many ways and we can help the environment at the same time!

We work in partnership with two of the country’s leading recycling companies who are able to recycle over 400,000 mattresses a year. When you purchase a new bed or mattress from us, we offer to recycle your old one on a like-for-like basis for only £30.00.

All you need to do is select “remove and recycle service” when you purchase a bed or mattress. The remove and recycle button will be at the bottom of the product page, if you forget to add this to your order do not worry one of our friendly sales team will be able to add this onto your order anytime before your order is despatched.

When delivery takes place we ask that your old mattress or bed is ready to collect. When your new mattress has been delivered our delivery team will take away your existing mattress so that it can go on to be recycled.

FGS Furnishings supports mattress recycling in the UK to ensure that together we can reduce the amount of mattresses that arrive in landfill sites every year. We want to protect our environment for the future. FGS Furnishings are already practicing a zero-landfill policy. Our recycling option forms part of our dedication to improve the service for all of our customers.

A big thank you to all of our customers that have already selected the remove and recycle service on their orders.

Please note that we cannot offer next-day delivery with our Remove & Recycle service,. Please contact us for further information.

Please note that Collect & Recycle is not available on our next working day delivery service.

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